Our Firewise Community

Lefthand Fire Protection District

Including: Olde Stage Road and Red Hill Road

Fire Mitigation Tips and Resources for Our Neighborhood



Our neighborhood's application to become a Firewise Community was approved! This website's purpose is to provide local resources and information specific to our neighborhood's fire mitigation needs, and to help build our own Firewise Community. Together our combined efforts can make a huge difference in protecting our homes from fire. Our new Firewise Board is here to help facilitate that. Let us know your ideas and what we can do to help. Our contact info can be found in the yellow box below on the 2nd link and Janet is our Board Chair.

About Firewise: Info about Firewise, videos and advice about creating a defendable space and wildfire bevhavior, learn about what causes a home to catch fire during a wildfire, and much, much more at http://www.firewise.org/


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Fire Plan for Our District



Some of the area blackened by the 2009 Olde Stage Wildfire

Watch and learn what you can do to create a defensible space around your  home.

90 second video:


Watch video of an ember generator to see how fire spreads: http://www.disastersafety.org/video/page/5/


What's Happening in Our Neighborhood


2021: New Firestation and Chris O'Brien is our New Fire Cheif for Lefthand Fire

2020: Wood Chipping with Lefthand Fire. Thanks Debbie for all you do.

2019 Local Firewise Meeting

Please join us for our annual neighborhood Fire Prevention meeting. Chris O'Brien from Lefthand Fire will be there.

Date:              Saturday, October 19th

Location:       7311 Olde Stage Road

Time:            4pm


2018 Spring Neighborhood Chipping Day

Please join us Saturday, May 5th. Get rid of prunned trees, branches, limbs and shrubs and protect your home. To register by 4/27/18 email Janet at firewise.osr@gmail.com. Include: name, address, and indicate whether you are a Wildfire Partner. Wildfire Partners get 2 hours of chipping free. All others pay 75% of cost (about $150/hour).


2017 Local Firewise Meeting

Please join us for our annual neighborhood Fire Prevention meeting. Our Firechief will be there and we'll meet a Wildfire Partners Program official. We'll also discuss the Cold Spring Fire.

Date:              Sunday, October 29th

Location:       7360 Olde Stage Road (house with copper roof)

Time:            5pm

RSVP:           Janet Erickson         email: firewise.osr@gmail.com

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.  You may bring a potluck dish if you like.

Even if you can't come...please contact us to report your 2017 fire mitigation efforts so we can retain our Firewise Community status!


Notice our Firewise Communtiy Signs went up on Olde Stage Road and all our new Wildfire Partners!


Some of the benefits of our becoming a Firewise Community include:

1. Access to Funding and Assistance

Preference is sometimes given to Firewise Communities over other candidates when allocations of grant money are made for wildfire safety or fuel mitigation. When we become a Firewise Community, the costs to have trees removed, and other fire mitigation that your choose to have done at your home will be much less!

2. Learning About Wildfire

As people go through the Firewise process, they learn about wildfire risks in the community and the simple things they can do to reduce them. They connect with experts – local fire fighters, state forestry professionals, and national researchers – to continue to learn about fire and find resources to accomplish Firewise actions.

3. Peace of Mind

People who work with experts to learn about wildfire and take action start to see results quickly. Knowing that they are using the best information available and actually taking steps to reduce the risk of damage from fire helps people start to feel safer in their environment and in their homes. Having a plan for what to do in the event of a fire helps people become calmer and more prepared to act quickly.


2016 Local Firewise Meeting

Please join us or our annual neighborhood Fire Prevention meeting. Our Firechief will be there and we'll meet a WIldfire Partners Program official. We'll also discuss the Cold Spring Fire.

Date:              Sunday, October 9th


2015 Local Firewise Meeting

Date:              Sunday, October 4th!


2015 Boulder County Wildfire Partners

Successful program continues... Look for your neighbor's yard signs who have joined. Check it out: http://www.wildfirepartners.org/


2014 Firewise Community Application

October: After 2 years of programing and mitigation efforts, our application to become a Firewise Community was completed by Janet and was approved!


2014 Boulder County Wildfire Partners

Residents on the North Side of Olde Stage Road have finished or are finishing their customized fire mitigation projects to earn certification from Boulder County Wildfire Partners. Certificates and $300 rebates are offered and Allstate Insurance is providing reduced rates to those who have earned certification. Email Tyler for details about his experience with them. Tyler_alpern@yahoo.com Details about the program at: http://www.wildfirepartners.org/


2014 Local Firewise Meeting

Please join us or our annual neighborhood Fire Prevention meeting.

Date:              Sunday, July 20th

Location:      Fire Station at 7300 Lefthand Canyon Drive

Time:            6pm


Firewise Board Member Meets with Boulder County Road Supervisor

On July 16, 2013, Firewise Board Member Marjorie Schaffner met with Ted Plank, Road Supervisor for Boulder County to discuss the large number of dead trees along the East side of Olde Stage Road, north of Red Hill Road. Ted was already aware of the trees and has been gradually taking out 20-30 of them over the last 5-6 years.


In order for the County to cut down a tree, it needs to be within the County’s right of way which generally is 30 feet from the centerline of the road along Olde Stage. There are also budget constraints regarding how many trees can be removed each year. Trees beyond the County’s right of way are the responsibility of the property owner to remove.


The County’s first priority is to remove obviously dead trees that pose a safety hazard because they may fall down on the road, a motorist or bicyclist. The next priority is to take down dead trees infested with pine bark beetle which can spread and kill off more trees.


Ted is in the process of marking an additional 10-12 trees which he plans to have removed by the middle of October 2013. If you have additional trees on your property which you would like removed, you can contact a private contractor or Chris O’Brien at Left Hand Fire District 720-214-0560 to secure a bid for their removal. Left Hand Fire tends to be significantly less expensive than for-profit companies and has the added benefit of all the funds being put back into fire fighting operations in our district.