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Fire Mitigation Tips and Resources for Our Neighborhood

Watch and learn what you can do to create a defensible space around your  home.

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Stumps from trees removed downhill near a home on Red Hill Road. Nothing flammable is stored near house or under deck. Areas under remaing trees have been raked clear of combustible debris and lowest limbs have been removed.


Q & A

Q: In my walks around the neighborhood, it appears a number of people have cut down the tall grass near their homes. That's the good news. My question is whether they are doing any good if they don't remove the cut grass. Most have not. It seems to me that dry, cut grass is more or as dangerous as tall, live grass. Am I right? Thx

A: With the field-grasses, shortening them is the key, they will compact to ground-level quickly and or blow away.  If folks have the capacity to rake/bag, that's the best, but  the closer to the ground the fuels are, the better we can defend against fire.  The taller grass will create a much longer flame length which is more BTU's (heat) and harder for us to work on.  All grasses are considered 1 hour fuels, meaning they track the RH in the atmosphere with a 1 hour lag time.  The live grasses tend to carry more moisture which helps them resist fire better.  A good rule of thumb for field grasses is that they should be cut when the wildflowers stop blooming.  Enjoy the flowers, and then mitigate the field.



Don't want to do it yourself?


Contact our fire department for low cost rates for all kinds of fire mitigation work.

Contact Chris O'Brien. 720 214 0560.


Another local firm for fire mitigation jobs larger and small is foothillsfiremitigation.com




Report any hours you spend mitigating fire danger or money spent to our Firewise Board Chair Janet at her email in the Resource Box below. This will credit our efforts to becoming a recognized Firewise Community, help us with receiving grant money and better fire protection.


Remember to deduct any fire mitigation expenses on your Colorado State Tax Form.


Mowed grasses on a steep slope on Red Hill Rd.

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Sap bubbles reveal beetle infestation on Olde Stage Road.