Gallery Seven




Inspired by Nijinsky's scandalous interpretation of Igor Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' and photographer Richard Avedon's bold nude photograph of Nijinsky's portrayer the dancer Rudolf Nureyev.

I am incorporating design aspects, namely pattern and surface more and more into my work. The abstract shapes simultaneosly evoke both the verdant environment of leaves and the lyrical movement of the dancing figure. This graphic inspriation comes from a pioneer of sorts: the naked poet (and early porn star) Gavin Dillard. A nod to Charles Doersch too.

Small clues remain to hint at theolder painting that lurks beneath this one.


Just Paint, Mixed Media.

Miss Jean Brodie scoffed at a sign that reminded all, “Safety First.” To her that was ridiculous, safety didn’t come first, art or love maybe, followed by knowledge and science and then much, much later on down her list came safety. In this work, paint comes first, it is all about the paint, all different kinds of paint in fact: oil, encaustic, paint sticks, acrylic latex, and spray paint. Then comes surface, paint is applied thickly, thinly, opaquely, translucently and transparently. Paint is not only added to create a rich texture, is is also removed by scratching, scraping, and blasting it away with jets of water. Next in importance is color, a palette of blues and adjacent hues with small hot accents unify the whole piece. Lastly comes shape, namely simple squares, organize and give structure to the otherwise free form paint that is not duty bound to describe form or narrate a scene. Pretty much “Just Paint,” and safety, well, I wasn't really thinking about that at all.


Carefully collected items like dishes, silverware patterns, oriental carpets, Hamilton electric watches; these are the comforts that I surround myself with and insprire the forms in my abstract work.


Portraits of the contemporary composer Nathan Hall. The drawing captures his likeness and the painting, based on the drawing, seeks to capture the flavor of his music.