Work in progress titled: America is a gun, America is a rainbow, America is a Rainbow Gun. I pick up litter on my bike ride every day, filling more than 300 groceries bags a year. One day I found this rifle, shotgun or whatever it is. It was so heavy I had a very perilous lopsided ride down the canyon bringing it home. Now it is slathered in paint. It is bedazzled western style on the edges with red, white and blue blobs of paint like fringe or studs on a costume.

I do like how it is an inclusive criticism, welcoming people of all views on the matter while at the same time, acknowledging how our country is seen by others. Usually, comments on our gun state are divisive. This just says what we are, not what we should be or how we should think. I


Recalls, my encounter with famous "beard" Kitty Carlisle Hart, hers with Judy Garland, explores changing mainstream values, the intersection of cultural appropriation and our common humanity.

Article in Edge New York

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