Work in progress titled: America is a gun, America is a rainbow, America is a Rainbow Gun. I pick up litter on my bike ride every day, filling more than 300 groceries bags a year. One day I found this rifle, shotgun or whatever it is. It was so heavy I had a very perilous lopsided ride down the canyon bringing it home. Now it is slathered in paint. It is bedazzled western style on the edges with red, white and blue blobs of paint like fringe or studs on a costume. The title, now written on the handle appropriates a line from Brian Bilson's poem 'America is a Gun."

I do like how it is an inclusive criticism, welcoming people of all views on the matter while at the same time, acknowledging how our country is seen by others. Usually, comments on our gun state are divisive. This just says what we are, not what we should be or how we should think. Artists often ask questions they do not have answers for.


Taste of salt


A tribute to Anne Frank, Eva Schloss and her brother Heinz and father Erich, the forgotten, and the good that unites us in a world growing ever smaller, and the power of art.


 Tribute to Brave Gay Pioneers of the 1970's. There were not many visible gay men for a child of the 70's to see on TV. Represenation was scant and often merely presumed. Here's to those few: Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Rielly, Truman Capote, Elton John, Liberace. With refercences to Harvey Milk, Craig Russell, Jim Nabors, Anita Bryant, the Village People, Divine and Henry Willson protogees Tab Hunter and Rock Hudson. A tennis ball represents the wildly important contribution for equality and visibility by legenedary pioneer Billie Jean King. Desi Arnaz Jr, while not gay, represents the masculine ideal of the day and smoldering sexuality that informed my 6 year old self of my own oriention long before I knew what gay even was.


Article in Edge New York

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