Technically accomplished, narrative painting with

'Death Car Girls' depicts the tragic mishaps involving Isadora Duncan, Jacqueline Onassis, Jayne Mansfield, Grace de Monaco, and Jackson Pollock but it explores a morbid fascination with death and celebrity, the nature of gossip and bad taste, and the taboo of pleasure derived from someone else’s pain. “We all have the strength to endure the misfortunes of others.”

Look for: the bottle of "Kligman Gin" by the side of the road - Pollock being drunk on gin and Ruth Kligman the original "death car girl" who survived that crash; Grace Kelly's tiara, the children of Isadora who died tragically in a car crash years before her, the rope Isadora's lover used to hang himself, Isdora's scarf about to wrap around the back wheel of the Bugatti, the daisy that covers its face before the tragedy, Jayne Mansfield's skid marks into oblivion, the Kennedy death car.

Oil on Canvas, 48" x 56"

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The worlds of various insane people collide into one in 'Twenty Mile Zoned.' My great aunt Frieda survived the holocaust, smuggled money out of Germany in cakes of soap and had many amazing experiences is depicted here toward the end of her life. She is performing elaborate funerals for cockroaches roadside during a medically induced episode of madness. Above her is a billboard that reads "Rita Hayworth lost her mind" (Rita had advanced Alzheimer's). Speeding by driving on the wrong side of the road is a psychotic Rosemary Clooney who challenged God to prove his love to her by letting her survive that reckless stunt.  

In the foreground singer Dory Previn is being pulled over not for speeding but for screaming in a twenty-mile zone as recalled in her most famous song. The passenger is Soon Yi Previn. Mr. Whisper (the name Dory called the imaginary voices in her head) is visible and warns "Beware of young girls." Beware of Young Girls happens to title Dory’s song about good friend Mia Farrow who stole and then married Dory's husband André. Coincidentally Mia and André Previn's adopted daughter Soon Yi eventually stole Mia's own longtime lover Woody Allen away from her. Beware of young girls, indeed. Over head is the London bound plane Dory cracked up on. In the back seat is the Mad Hatter eating a live canary sandwich (one of my Dad's first patients at the asylum did that). And yes, there is more. In the background are my parents as bride and groom because they met in a psychiatric hospital where they both worked. But my message is more about tolerance than insanity. No matter how differently we interpret reality, no matter what our world view or morality is, we all still exist in the same place together...in a twenty mile zone.

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The 10 of Hearts Was Good!


I love to play bridge and sometimes I have allowed the game to creep into some of my paintings. The title was once screamed out by the dummy (Steven Tompkins) to his partner (Harvey Hauswirth - "Harveaux") when he lost a hand in no trumps that he could have easily made had he remembered that "The 10 of Hearts Was Good! "

Oil on canvas, 42" x 52"

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Ponce De Lyon in Search of the Mainstream

Ponce de Lyon examines three naked white men, one sporting an erection, one circumsized and the other intact. It explores my feelings of hidden and constant discrimination while experiencing a presumed priviledge without many of the benefits.

Oil on Canvas, 50" x 60"

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Rough Trade


The Snowy Drive


My house in winter. I can see the influence of 2 painters in this work, my mother and Samuel Rosenburg. One of many in my series of western roads.

Through the Looking Glass

'Through the Looking Glass' compares the career of singer Yma Sumac to the story of Alice in Wonderland in order to illustrate the power we have to create our own destiny. Claiming to be a descendant of Inca Kings and having learned to sing by imitating birds while wandering Peruvian jungles as a girl, Miss Sumac gained fame exploiting her colorful heritage in a full four octave range. However, rumors persisted that she was born in Brooklyn purely of European descent with the name Amy Camus, which spelled backwards becomes Yma Sumac. My painting depicts the rumored young Amy gazing at her reflection as the mature Yma in her bathroom mirror. Elements of the bathroom are transformed into the Peruvian jungle in the mirror and even her name Amy is reflected backwards as Yma demonstrating since we can create our own reality thus we create too our own reflection. So unlike Alice, we do not have to go through the looking glass to find another world, all we must do is invent it. Therefore anyone can be an Inca Princess, or anything else that they strive to be.

Oil on Canvas, 48" x 56"

Nick Limansky's wonderful biography of Yma Sumac On the CD, Nick gives a track by track critical discussion of all of Yma's recordings. Because the book is written by a singer, it adds a perspective and understanding of her talent and craft that makes it a particularly good read for a non-singer, but a fan like me. Did I mention the glorious cover ????????????????
Yma's own iconic Inca Sun God bracelet is happily now in my possession 25 years after creating this painting. The Sun God appears behind Yma in my painting and its image was associated with her throughout her career.

Tug of War



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