Gallery Six

Lefthand Canyon Collage

A popular bike route near my home in Boulder.

Damaged by flood of Sept 2013 as the roads were partially washed away. The county is over aggressively destroying all the beautiful rockfaces to build an extra wide road thru even undamaged parts of this and connecting James Canyon. Approved destruction by so-called environmentalist politicians who only value climate and sustainablity and neglect beauty. These lovely rocks will be blasted away in 2017.


Road down from Jamestown (Before the flood.)


I just can't capture the true colors of this painting. The goal was to try using unconvetional color choices. There is a delicate glow and complexity of color that just turns garrish in the photo. So many the lovely rockfaces were destroyed by the road crews under Boulder County supervision in 2016. Frida Kahlo once said "I paint flowers so they will not die". I never thought I'd need to say that about rocks.



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At the Far End

An explosion of irregular patterns interlace to create a wild and busy mix of flat and deep space. Dramatic changing scale of repeated elements like clouds and waves creates a sense of depth that the occasionally flat color negates. Clouds, shadows, waves, mottled sand, and colorful prints have more visual important that the figures that become obscured by and lost in the multiple patterns. Iit is the far end of the beach, everything happens there in plain view yet goes unnoticed. A camouflaged, coded secret culture that existed and flourished often undetected out in the open. The clear pop bottles help date the scene. The beach ball is my tribute to Charles Meere's fantastic Australain beach crowds painted in the 40's. Oh, David Hockney, I suppose you helped me paint the water.

Lazy Afternoon



Boca do Inferno


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Homage to the Stars

The Lake Path